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When you subscribe to Fermented Farmacy, you know you're getting the highest quality raw, cultured, organic veggies at the best price! Our nutrient-dense ferments are packed with live probiotics and digestive enzymes. Join the gut-health revolution and reserve your subscription today!

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Choose to receive one pint or one quart every month. 

We recommend 2 tablespoons, 2 times a day to rebuild and maintain a healthy microbiome.

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Choose from five deliciously unique blends including our famous Kickapoo Kimchi. Pick the Seasonal Ferment and receive a new flavor each season that highlights our best local produce. 

(You can change your flavor choice at any time!)

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Get gut healthy!

You will receive your ferments every month, cold-shipped and ready to enjoy.  

(Ferments are shipped the 20-21 of each month)

It's never been easier to master your microbiome!


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Our Seasonal Sampler makes a great gift!

Give the gift of gut-health! This six-month taste adventure keeps on giving month after delicious month!

Our Kombucha Kit has everything you need to start brewing at home! 

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