Frequently Asked Questions

How are Fizzeology Ferments made?

Fizzeology Ferments are hand-made in small batches. To make raw, cultured foods, the vegetables are clean, cut and shred. Salt is then mixed into the vegetables which sit overnight, allowing the juices to be drawn out. The mixture is then packed into oak barrels, which are sealed to be airtight. Fermentation requires an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment and a stable, warm temperature of 64 degrees. The salt kills undesirable bacteria and fungi, and creates a perfect environment for the naturally occurring fermentation bacteria (Lactobacillus) to convert the sugars into lactic acid. No plastic ever touches the product. After one month of fermentation, the barrels are unpacked, the vegetables strained and packed into glass jars, and submerged in their own juice.

What is the probiotic count in fermented foods?

 Fermented foods not only give you a wider variety of beneficial bacteria than a pill, they also give you far more of them, so it's a much more cost effective alternative. Here's a case in point: It's unusual to find a probiotic supplement containing more than 10 billion colony-forming units. But when a research team tested fermented vegetables produced by probiotic starter cultures, they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic!  

Are your products certified organic?

While Fizzeology has always used organic, local and wild-harvested ingredients, they have become USDA certified organic this year.  Every product is certified except for the Seasonal Ferment, which contains some un-certified wild-harvested crops. 

How are the ferments shipped?

Our raw cultured ferments are cold-shipped with ice packs that keep the ferments chilled for several days. Please refrigerate your ferments immediately upon receipt. If the ferments are allowed to reach a warm enough temperature, they will continue to ferment, which can cause the glass jars to break under the pressure.

When are subscriptions shipped?

All subscriptions are shipped from the 20th-22nd of each month. Shipments generally take 2 to 5 days to arrive.

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